Old Nosey

Old Nosey was launched in July 2018 as a registered European brand whose aim is to produce a range of top class destilates and wine from the Lisbon region. 

The Old Nosey name brings us back to the Peninsular War, as it was the nickname given to General Wellington, a well-known personality in the history of the Lines of Torres Vedras. While the logo symbolises the nose of the Duke it also resembles the form of a half pear, both evoking the intense aroma of the distilled mature fruit.

Old Nosey has been awarded four quality certificates: Integrated production, Oeste Pera Rocha, PEFC and Natural.pt

The flagship product is the Old Nosey Perry Spirit – brandy prepared from the Rocha pear – a premium drink created by many years of experience and investigation.

Old Nosey is a distilled drink that is smooth and has an intense aroma of mature pear. The distillation process is carried out in copper alembic stills at Quinta da Póvoa, from Rocha pears grown in traditional non-irrigated orchards that are over 60 years old in the Oeste region of Portugal 

It is a premium national product with no further addition of alcohol or other national or foreign ingredients apart from the Quinta da Póvoa pear. It is of a similar nature as other distilled fruit drinks from the centre and north of Europe such as the Williamine, Calvados or Kirsch. Old Nosey Perry Spirit may be drunk either as a digestive, in a cocktail or included in elaborate dishes or dessert.

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