About us

"The best of the Czech-Portuguese relations"

Born and raised among the pear fields in Cadaval, Portugal, Inês always likes to tell people how she comes from the land of the sun. There, the sun shines more than 300 days during the year and the Atlantic breeze is gathered by the surrounding mountain system. This gives the area a specific microclimate and makes the West Region of Portugal the best place to grow fruits, especially the Rocha Pear, and to produce some of the best wines.

Memories from her childhood and saudades* of her hometown and its delicious fruits brought the idea to bring them closer and share them with her new Czech community.

Made of a Portuguese / Czech team, Frutugal was founded on 6 February 2019 with the goal of bringing to the Czech market “A Breath of Fresh Pear”. The name honors both the Queen of the Pears – Rocha Pear – and the extent of all potential “fruits” we can, together with our partners, bring from Portugal.

In Frutugal we carefully choose all our partners based not only on our personal experience but also based on the choices of the portuguese people buying these products every day. We regularly visit the production facilities of our partners where they maintain high standards of quality confirmed by international certifications recognized by the biggest global retail chains.

Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit, Distilled Fruit, Canned Fruit and Ocean Fruit. Portugal’s best for you!

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